Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

Pursuit of.....

Maybe Happiness, maybe.

1) So, last week I've been busy with things that I wanted to be busy with.

I'm sure other kids in my class would want the same thing.

2) Speaking of class, I recently experienced the worst rudeness from my classmate- an Indonesian Chinese bitch.

I never know that a person from Indonesia could be that rude. From what I've learnt, people from Indonesia are very polite and decent, accept for some of their construction workers and maids who LIES for a living.

Well, maybe this chinese Indonesian bitch, who has the weirdest name on planet earth(translated to english her name will be "WOUND"- i know, WTF rite?) never been taught manerism by her parents. Or maybe she's an orphanage. An UGLY one.

Some people are just  unlucky. Uncivilised and ugly. and stupid-Her english, OMG, I think a native speaker would definately commit suicide whenever he/she heard Ms.Wound speak Eanglesssss(that's the closest that I can do to imitate her my-ear-drum-is-exploding accent).

3) So yeah, on the other hand,

I think I've overcame my addiction. I'm so glad. Alhamdulillah.

I also made a few new friends. :)

And my mind is now thinking mostly about things that I should be thinking. Again-Alhamdulillah.

4) I got so many breakouts these couple of month, but yet, I realized I said "Live is Good" more than twice in the month of March. Maybe it's not a month of 'Not-so-March-going-on' for me after all.

5) Call me whatever you want, but I think my 'wishes' were granted with so many twists in them. I LOVE surprises and I LOVE the 'power above' even more. Isn't it great if you asked for waffle but you got pancakes instead. The taste is quite alike, just not as crispy as the former. But I still am grateful.

6) Isn't it funny when someone call you a monkey while she is obviously has a tail, loves banana, and climb so many brittle trees herself. I should have trusted you Nazreem. She's literally crazy when it comes to the "I'm-the-bestfriend-of-this-minister's-daugther" image. *Sigh*

7) Every Islamic countries should say YES to Gold Dinar. LIKE SERIOUSLY. Think about it. It's good for the world economy.

Jumpa lagi, A bientot.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My cuss-free weekend expereriment for The Star.

Copied from R.age,The Star

Well sorta.....

NOT AT ALL ACTUALLY. I was asked to do this experiment last week. I didn’t prepare anything. I thought that I rarely swear or use any profanity. I was wrong. Here are the blog posts of my weekend.

* The expletives in quotation marks are mostly monologues, either spoken silently to myself or just yelled out loud in my mind.

* (32) – Number of expletives I used over the weekend.

DAY ONE, March 7 2009 Saturday

TET TET TET TET. Alarm clock rang! It’s 8am. “F***!(1) I have a Fashion Design replacement class”, on Saturday morning. I went to the university. I reached school at 9.58am, and “S***……”(2) the class had started at 30 minutes ago. I was late. All eyes were on me. Thanks to the so called three easy steps facial care. I take approximately twenty minutes every morning to apply cream on my face, but I still have breakouts. I got a new one to day. “What the F***?”(3), right? 

It was a presentation day, so all the kids came up with their “bl**dy”(4) lame subject matters as inspiration for their designs. Wayang Kulit, Face Painting, Stained Glass, and even Chandeliers. “Bodoh gila”(5+6), I whisper to myself. How can someone be inspired from those “bored-to-death”(7) man-made objects. And the most “f***ed-up”(8) subject matter came from an Iranian girl. She chose Fire as her inspiration, and took 20 minutes to explain facts that I’ve read 7 years back in school! Not to mention her ‘s***y’ presentation skills. Just imagine someone who has very fake blond hair, standing in front of the class room and moving her mouth without letting any sounds out. “what a c***!”(9) I might not have the same perspective as her on fire, but I’m quite sure that my lecturer shares the same thoughts with me, by the way he squinted his eyes.

12.30pm, the class finished. I went to the roofless car park, and “Bl**dy Hell”(10), it was raining - heavily. Ran into my car, slammed the door and……

“@!#$^%&*()(%^$#%^&%^^$#_+[Malay swear words included]”(17)

“I am all wet!”

March 8 2009 Sunday.

After class yesterday, my big family and I went to a bungalow resort in Morib, Selangor. We were having some sort of family getaway. I didn’t sleep until about 4 am last night. We were having so much fun joking, gossiping, and b****ing(24). My aunties; Aunty La and Mak Lang are beyond funny. My Aunty La is brilliant when it comes to imitating people’s behavior. Hilarious!

Less than 3 hours of sleeping, at around 6 am, I was awaken by the very loud laughter of my cousins. I changed into my swimming shorts and headed to the beach. “Damn”(25), the water was like 28 miles away from the beach. I wonder why is that. 10 years ago, when I visited this place, it was the same. I need some geographical explanation.

Headed back to the chalet, the breakfast was ready, and my two favorites aunties were already up. When you are at a nice chalet with your two favourite aunties, what else you can do, other than gossiping and talk dirty,…………………….

)(*&^*%%$#@!#^*&^&LAUGHTER(*&^%$76(***((**%#@#>?<><>*^*%^%^^^I$%^^&^^ hahahahahahaahHAHAHA! (32)

I had fun.

Well, in conclusion I am just a normal human being who lives his not-so-normal life as a 19-year-old.
Needless to say, this experiment was a total failure for me. But **** that!

Jumpa lagi, A bientot

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I want to be her. Really.

You are not a musical actress if you married a minister, take his millions and create a succesful old malay myth musical. you are just a succesful musical producer.

You should have upgraded that 'Art School' instead of closing it.

We need more Yasmin Ahmad, Rosnah Mat Aris, and Siti Nurhaliza in this country.

And I think Zaiton Sameon is really good.

Jumpa lagi, A bientot.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

We are Fat. Close down McDonald's!

World Fattest Countries

Percentage of the  overweight population for each countries
1. Nauru 94.5
2. Micronesia, Federated States of 91.1
3. Cook Islands 90.9
4. Tonga 90.8
5. Niue 81.7
6. Samoa 80.4
7. Palau 78.4
8. Kuwait 74.2
9. United States 74.1
10. Kiribati 73.6
11. Dominica 71.0
12. Barbados 69.7
13. Argentina 69.4
14. Egypt 69.4
15. Malta 68.7
16. Greece 68.5
17. New Zealand 68.4
18. United Arab Emirates 68.3
19. Mexico 68.1
20. Trinidad and Tobago 67.9
21. Australia 67.4
22. Belarus 66.8
23. Chile 65.3
24. Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) 65.2
25. Seychelles 64.6
26. Bahrain 64.1
27. Andorra 63.8
28. United Kingdom 63.8
29. Saudi Arabia 63.5
30. Monaco 62.4
31. Bolivia 62.2
32. San Marino 62.1
33. Guatemala 61.2
34. Mongolia 61.2
35. Canada 61.1
36. Qatar 61.0
37. Uruguay 60.9
38. Jordan 60.5
39. Bahamas 60.4
40. Iceland 60.4
41. Nicaragua 60.4
42. Cuba 60.1
43. Germany 60.1
44. Brunei Darussalam 59.8
45. Slovenia 59.8
46. Peru 59.6
47. Vanuatu 59.6
48. Finland 58.7
49. Jamaica 57.4

50. Israel 57.3
51. Saint Lucia 57.3
52. Austria 57.1
53. Azerbaijan 57.1
54. Turkey 56.8
55. Tuvalu 56.6
56. Dominican Republic 56.5
57. Slovakia 56.3
58. Cyprus 56.2
59. Saint Kitts and Nevis 56.1
60. Costa Rica 55.8
61. Colombia 55.6
62. Antigua and Barbuda 55.5
63. Switzerland 55.4
64. Montenegro 54.9
65. Serbia 54.9
66. Serbia and Montenegro (The former state union of) 54.9
67. Albania 54.8
68. Fiji 54.8
69. Bulgaria 54.2
70. Luxembourg 54.2
71. Croatia 53.9
72. Bosnia and Herzegovina 53.8
73. Portugal 53.8
74. Armenia 53.3
75. Grenada 53.3
76. South Africa 53.3
77. Iran (Islamic Republic of) 53.2
78. Libyan Arab Jamahiriya 53.2
79. Lithuania 53.1
80. Lebanon 53.0
81. Czech Republic 52.9
82. Syrian Arab Republic 52.8
83. Spain 51.8
84. Hungary 51.6
85. Panama 51.4
86. Tunisia 51.0
87. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 50.6
88. Brazil 50.5
89. Belize 49.8
90. Sweden 49.7
91. Norway 49.1
92. Russian Federation 49.1
93. El Salvador 48.7
94. Lesotho 48.5
95. Suriname 47.8
96. Paraguay 47.7
97. Guyana 47.5
98. Poland 47.5
99. Latvia 47.3
100. The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 47.2

101. Ecuador 47.1
102. Turkmenistan 46.8
103. Ireland 46.6
104. Belgium 46.3
105. Marshall Islands 46.2
106. Netherlands 46.0
107. Uzbekistan 46.0
108. Denmark 45.8
109. Mauritius 45.6
110. Oman 45.6
111. Italy 45.5
112. Iraq 45.4
113. Georgia 44.8
114. Ukraine 44.8
115. Solomon Islands 44.0
116. Botswana 43.6
117. Honduras 43.5
118. Equatorial Guinea 43.0
119. Morocco 42.9
120. Dem. Republic of Timor-Leste 42.7
121. Mauritania 42.5
122. Estonia 42.2
123. Republic of Korea 42.0
124. Swaziland 41.8
125. Kazakhstan 41.4
126. Republic of Moldova 41.1
127. Bhutan 40.9
128. France 40.1
129. Cameroon 39.9
130. Maldives 39.9
131. Algeria 39.8
132. Dem. People's Republic of Korea 39.4
133. Kyrgyzstan 39.2
134. Romania 39.1
135. Lao People's Democratic Republic 38.9
136. Cape Verde 38.2
137. Tajikistan 37.3
138. Gabon 36.5
139. Myanmar 36.3
140. Liberia 35.6
141. Sierra Leone 33.4
142. Haiti 32.8
143. Zimbabwe 32.1
144. Thailand 31.6
145. Papua New Guinea 30.2
146. Malaysia 29.9

So yeah, Malaysian, had enough of Goreng Pisang, Nasik Lemak, and Teh Tarik?

Jumpa lagi, A bientot.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

How surprising!

Chart of Sex Frequency by Country.


and I thought my hair will be wet all weeks living in New York.

Jumpa lagi, A bientot.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Delayed Tears.

1.Have you ever experienced your left eye "giggling", "vibrating"?

2. It happens to me all the time, and it always ended up with me crying.(My mother told me this theory long time ago) Sometimes for no reason. It's like a sign, telling, as if "your 'tears factory' is overproducing" and it has to let go, even for no fucking sad reason.

3. So yeah, it's been for a couple of days now since my left eye started "dancing"(again), (usually it happens under the eye, on the eye bag).

4. But I did cried just now. About an hour after my dad told me to lower down my voice. I was singing I belong to You by Anastacia when he knocked on the study room's door. He said it's late. (It was 5 minutes before midnight). I knew that that's going to happened. Well, it wasn't the first time and my dad was not the first person. I chosed a lower key song to sing, Saviour by Anggun. Just before the second chorus, my dad called my cell, and told me that he could still hear me from his bedroom which is quite far from the study room, and told me to SHUT THE PIE HOLE UP since "everyone" have to wake up early tomorrow(but he sugar coated the word 'everyone' by using my maid's name- he knows that Siti(my Indonesian maid) is the only person in the house that I never really had any conflict with. 

5. It was very embarassing, eventhough I was alone in the room. Not to mention the fact, that an on holiday 19 years old fashion student spending his night time singing semi-opera songs right before midnight in his family's study room infront of his Macbook Pro is already dead pathetic. Right at that moment, I feel the pain of living in this world and not earning your own mean-green.

6. I keep telling myself, "DON'T CRY, prove that your mother's theory was wrong. Break the real 'myth'. It's not a shameful sad thing what you did, you were just singing at a wrong time, atleast you are not watching porn." And there wasn't a single tears. But I knew I was crying inside since I felt the pain in the middle of my chest.

7. So I stopped singing(so not fair) and started sketching designs for my 13 years old cousin. Her mother asked me to design something for her to wear on my sis' wedding. I did a few sketches with crayon. While I was having fun stroking my pastel, suddenly I felt so sad. How can these things be happening to me. I have no idea what I'm drawing, an advert spam popped up on my messenger pretending to be my friend, someone that I like is rather playing "card" than talking to me, and I can't sing in my own home. I'm not happy at this moment.

8. Time is never enough. I always feel stupid. I think I'm a little bit to hairy and overweight. Acne never stop on my forehead. Most of my friends are leaving. Joe Jonas is straight. Hollywood is way to far from where I live. Israel always win, civilians were killed. Thank God I have my religion. Allah, I really wish and hope that you have a really FANTABULOUSTIC plans for me. I believe in you. Amin.

Jumpa lagi, A bientot.